Can Children be Affected by Anxiety Disorders?

So often, adults discount children, their emotions, and the issues they deal with. They wrongly assume their child is simply overly worried or doesn’t want to pay attention in class. So often, these issues are signs of a deeper problem. An anxiety disorder is one possible concern that affects kids more often than parents might realize. In fact, it is the most common of the psychiatric disorders provo affecting children. Recognize the signs of an anxiety disorder in a child and do not hesitate to reach out to a doctor to get them the help they need. Never shame your child because dealing with the symptoms of anxiety is overwhelming enough. They need support, guidance, and perhaps a little bit of medical treatment to overcome this problem.

Most common signs of an anxiety disorder in children include:

·    Rapid/fast talking

·    Rapid heart rate

·    Sweating

psychiatric disorders provo

·    Fatigue

·    Difficulty concentrating

·    Muscle aches and pains, particularly headaches and stomachs

·    Worries about everyday things before they happen

·    The desire for things to be perfect

·    Constant fear/worry about the safety of self and others

·    Shaking/dizziness or trouble setting still

·    Irritability and mood swings

·    Refusal to go to school

This is not a complete list of signs and symptoms of anxiety, but instead a look at the most common.

All kids experience some anxiety. The type of anxiety and amount of anxiety they experience differs from one age group to the next. Most of the fears small children have they grow out of eventually. However, when these behaviors interfere with home life, school life, friendships, etc. it is a sign of a problem that needs a medical evaluation. It is better to go in and see the doctor than allow your child to deal with an anxiety disorder alone.