Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

As we age, a decline in brain matter causes memory loss. We all experience bouts of memory loss from time to time but can reverse those incidents using evidence-based, natural strategies. Here are a few ideas that can help you improve your memory. Pass these ideas on to an elderly loved one with memory problems while you’re at it!

1- Reduce Sugar Intake

Added sugar is bad for your health. It causes cognitive decline and leads to chronic diseases. It also causes poor memory and reduced brain volume. Reduce or eliminate the amount of sugar in your diet to improve memory.

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2- Use Fish Oil

Fish oil is especially beneficial to improve memory, but it provides other benefits as well. Fish oil is rich in omega-4 fatty acids that keep us healthy. They lower heart disease, reduce stress and anxiety and reduce mental decline.

3- Assisted Living

Although assisted living does not directly impact a person’s memory, it is beneficial when a person needs extra help urine the day due to memory loss or other health problems. With elderly assisted living lafayette services, someone is around when needed.

4- Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight plays a big role in a person’s overall health and well-being. Obesity has been linked to cognitive decline in many studies. That is why it is essential to maintain a healthy weight at all ages. You can do this by changing the foods that you eat, including healthier options in place of current choices.

5- Get More Sleep

When we are not well-rested, it affects our memory and our thinking cognitively. We do poorly if we’re tired. You can improve memory by simply getting more sleep than you do already if you fail to get the recommended sleep the American Sleep Association recommends.