What to Expect from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many people are familiar with therapy in general, but there are numerous forms of therapy that help people in different ways. One form of therapy is CBT, which is the abbreviation of cognitive behavioral therapy. This form of therapy is performed by trained professionals to help individuals throughout various stages of life.

The approach taken to therapy will depend on the preferences of behavioral therapists atlanta residents choose when looking for mental health professionals. However, there are some key stages that you are likely to go through when participating in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Identify Concerns in Life

One of the first things that your psychotherapist will do is help you identify troubling experiences and conditions you are dealing with in life, such as divorce, medical problems, symptoms of mental illness, anger, and other problems. They will help you figure out what you want to focus on and work through in order to move forward.

Develop Self Awareness

When speaking with a therapist, you will be encouraged to address your emotions, personal beliefs, and thoughts about your concerns in life. It is often recommended that you keep a journal so that you can keep track of your thoughts as well as feelings you experience. You can bring issues or experiences up with your therapist and can also express yourself after sessions.

Recognize Negative Thought Patterns

The ability to identify negative thinking or inaccuracies is helpful in identifying things that contribute to the issues and concerns you have in life. Therapists may request that you pay close attention to your responses in different situations.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a powerful tool that can help individuals overcome hardship and issues they may face that affect their physical, mental, and emotional health. Find a mental health professional if you believe professional help will be beneficial to your quality of life.